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Energy and Environment Book

Indonesia Energy and Environment Book in collaborate with Prof. Rinaldy Dalimi, PhD (expertise in Power Energy, ex-Dean Engineering Faculty University of Indonesia). While energy has long been an important topic, concerns about human’s environmental footprint, such as that due to carbon dioxide, and concerns about security and rapid global development, have recently brought this field to the forefront. These include technological innovations for fossil fuel systems – with primary emphasis on carbon dioxide mitigation, and control of fine particle and other pollutant emissions. Our vision for the Energy and Environment area is to hire strategically in high impact areas that compliment existing strengths, with the goal to address nationally recognized basic research needs that will spark the innovations necessary to close the enormous gap that exists between state-of-the-art technology and the staggering requirements for a future of renewable energy.
Energy and Environment Executive Summary

Energy is central to social and economic well-being. It provides personal comfort and mobility, and is essential to most industrial and commercial wealth generation. However, energy production and consumption place considerable pressures on the environment, including contributing to climate change, damaging natural ecosystems, tarnishing the built environment and causing adverse effects to human health.

While these areas may be considered separately, they are strongly interrelated. For example, improvements in energy efficiency both benefit security of supply by reducing the amount of energy consumed and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants by reducing the consumption of fossil fuels. On the other hand, energy market liberalization and more price competition benefit competitiveness through reduced costs, but unless external costs are fully internalized and energy demand management improves, the reduction of costs may bring price reductions that are likely to act as a disincentive to energy saving and even encourage energy consumption.

Electrical power is real energy that very crucial thing for live and development in a country, not only in Indonesia but also in entire world. In technology electricity system competence (generating, channeling and distribution) need pre-eminent human resources, even skillful human resources and expert human resources who can planning, develop, operate, maintenance and electricity research that can develop with dynamic as qualification requirement. To day, become good quality human resources which is needed in Indonesia by qualitative and quantity in electricity field, we need to develop education and knowledge to higher education stage and it is focused to one field as the qualification.

Recently, development of electrical power installation and generation are increase from year to year complexly in line with development of other technology. Today electric power not only fulfilling quality and reliability system, but must considered to environment. The requirement of quality, reliability system and environment consideration need the electricity technology that improve year by year and as the developing country, Indonesia still in electricity technology user phase even in small scale, hence is a compulsion to develop it.

Due to accelerated cost reductions and associated growth in production, renewable energy technologies such as solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind are expected to grow rapidly during the next couple of decades. As these technologies mature they have the potential to provide a significant share of our nation’s electricity demand. However, as their market share grows, concern about potential impacts on the stability and operation of the electricity grid may create barriers to their future expansion.

Integrating renewable energy into the grid consists of two distinct elements, centralized generation and distributed generation. Each of these elements will have different timing and implementation pathways. The centralized generation element will likely be initiated with large wind generation grid integration solutions, followed by Concentrated Solar Power and Hydrogen. The distributed generation elements will likely start with solar photovoltaic (PV) implementation, followed by distributed wind and other technologies at the distribution level.

The study will address both the technical and analytical challenges that need to be tackled in order to enable high penetration levels of solar, wind and other renewable energy technologies. By examining how renewable technologies can be combined with storage, controls and other appropriate technologies, expects to build the foundation for realizing a high penetration renewable energy future while enhancing the operation of the electricity grid. In addition, by directly engaging utilities and other stakeholders in this process, expects to build the confidence of regulators and utilities with respect to maximizing the use of renewable energy technologies.

A critical goal of carrying out the set of study will be to define a research agenda that will enable it to work with utilities and industry to facilitate the widespread market penetration of renewable energy technologies, including storage systems, advanced power electronics, and controls into the electricity grid. Control systems are likely to include improved and innovative ways to manage power demand. The study will also strive to understand the potential impacts on the electricity grid and optimize systems based on benefits to both customers and utilities to couple advanced technology development, demonstration and validation projects to enable and promote energy efficient, sustainable cities and communities of the future.

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