Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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The Basics of Solar Energy

Energy from the sun is simply solar energy, it is produced when the sun is out and shining, it sends heat beaming to the earth. Where is solar energy? Its anywhere that the sun shines upon.

One of the difficulties with catching the sun’s energy is that it is spread out, it is not directed to one area. This makes it hard to heat an object using only the suns rays. It is a fact that an object will get hot out in the sun, but there is so much more untapped potential from the sun’s rays.

Millions of people have throughout time saved this energy, to provide warmth in cold weather. Many years ago (thousands of years) people discovered that using thick glass or magnifying glass on certain objects that they could heat it up so hot that it would ignite. People realized the value and power of this natural energy.

What is needed is a solar collector, this will very effectively heat your room at night time, and when there is cloud cover. You need to utilize a source which will captivate the suns rays to a particular area, the sun will pass through it and go in the space. Items within the space attract and keep this heat apart from the suns rays, and cannot escape without the assistance from the source. One great collector of solar energy is glass because it lets the sunlight go through it and into the space, the suns heat cannot escape easily causing this space beneath the glass to heat up. There are items within the space to retain heat making the space warmer longer. This area has just been heated utilizing solar energy.

Sun rooms and greenhouses use glass because its a terrific common solar collector, heat is trapped in the interior after the glass attracts the suns rays, Even when the thermometer drops outside the interior stays warm.

Solar Power is everywhere that the sun light falls upon. To keep your house warm in the evening, you need direct sunlight for a great amount of time during the day, not just an hour or two, but who knows what future technology can bring, there is enough power from the sun to heat a home all night from collecting only a few hours of focused light, but we are not able to utilize it yet.

I was raised and educated in the midwest, and continued my education in Utah. I am interested in researching ways to use less fossil fuels, and decrease pollution.

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